How to Update Your iPhone or iPad in Latest iOS 13.5 Version for Face ID Mask Detection

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Apple is rolling out iOS 13.five, which offers a partial method to free up your iPhone and iPad while carrying a face masks.

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We say “partial” because you nevertheless cannot use Face ID to unlock your phone with a masks on. However, it will hit upon you’re carrying a mask and immediately present an option to swipe as much as free up with a passcode.

This have to make the challenge of getting into your iPhone or iPad while carrying a face masks much much less of a chore. Currently, you have to watch for Face ID to fail a few instances before it affords you with a passcode option.

What Is Mask Detection on iPhone?

The iOS 13.5 update makes some modifications to the iPhone’s unlocking manner on more moderen telephones that don’t encompass a fingerprint sensor. Instead of spending 3 to five seconds scanning your face to biometrically unlock your handset, the moment a mask is detected, your iPhone will drop you into the passcode screen.