Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite Brings Real Flagship Features To The Mid-Range Segment

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Samsung is a brand that has mastered the art of producing premium quality smartphones with innovative flagship features. And the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is no exception. Packing in all the features you’d want from a flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note10 Lite is posing some serious competition to other smartphones in the market.

Apart from having high-spec components, the Galaxy Note10 Lite also comes with a bunch of interesting and unique features, that can’t be spotted on any other smartphone in the segment. There’s an ever-so versatile S Pen with tricks that’s sure to always keep your productivity high, Powerful processor, advanced (Pro-grade) camera, and more. Enough said, let’s take a deeper look into the Galaxy Note10 Lite.

S Pen

The S Pen packs in neat features like ‘Air Actions’, ‘Air Doodle’, ‘Screen Off Memo’, and ‘Handwriting to Text’, that’ll make your phone stand out from the others. With the ‘Air Actions’ feature, you can use your S Pen as a remote to navigate and control apps. This allows you to click a picture, scroll through photos, or play and pause your music, without even touching your phone!

The ‘AR Doodle’ feature lets you put your artistic vision to play! It uses augmented reality to let you draw in 3D with the S Pen. You can also record fun videos with virtual handwriting, drawings on faces and other places in the video. What’s even snazzier is that the camera recognises a face or space, and the doodles on the face follow the face even as it moves.

The ‘Screen Off Memo’ feature lets you quickly jot down ideas and notes on your phone without having to unlock it. Just pop out your S Pen and begin scribbling. All your notes are instantly saved in Samsung Notes or you can pin them to the ‘Always On Display’.

The ‘Handwriting to Text’ feature lets you use your S Pen to take real-time handwritten notes by using the screen of your phone as paper. It automatically recognizes the handwritten notes on your phone and converts them into readable text that can be reused and shared instantly.

Immersive Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite features an Infinity-O Display with near bezel-less 6.7-inch Full HD+ Super AMOLED screen for immersive viewing experience. The Super AMOLED FHD+ screen delivers a good balance between color and contrast – especially when it comes to dark scenes, unlike an ordinary LED screen where true blackness cannot be achieved. This really makes the phone stand apart from others in the segment.

Sporting a massive 6.7-inch Infinity-O Display, the Galaxy Note10 Lite gives plenty of screen real estate that makes for less distraction and more seamless viewing. This makes the Galaxy Note10 Lite a great choice for binge-watching shows, movies, enjoying graphically demanding games, and other content consumption.

Multi-Camera System

Another feature that makes the Galaxy Note10 Lite stand out from the competition is its Pro-grade Camera. It packs in a triple rear camera system with a 12MP Wide-angle camera (with Dual Pixel and OIS), a 12MP Ultra Wide camera, and a 12MP Telephoto camera.

The 12MP Ultra Wide Camera with its 123° field of vision allows you to capture the entire beauty of a scene in one shot, taking landscape photography and panoramas to the next level. With the 12MP Wide-angle camera, you can shoot crisp, clear, and vibrant wide-angle shots (wedding photos, group photos, etc.), all thanks to its Dual Pixel technology. The Dual Pixel AF technology is also what made cameras so great in the Galaxy S20 and the Galaxy Note10. It allows your camera to focus quickly on a subject and easily adapt to the environment, no matter the lighting conditions. And the 12MP Telephoto camera makes for stable, clear, and beautiful zoomed-in close-ups using Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

Features like ‘Night Mode’ lets you click bright photos even at night without any added noise or grain and the ‘Live Focus’ mode that adds beautiful bokeh to your pictures to make your picture stand out. There are different types of Live Focus effects on the Galaxy Note10 Lite including Blur, Spin Bokeh, Zoom Bokeh, and Color Point. There’s also a ‘Single Take’ mode that allows you to capture the moment using integrated AI technology. With ‘Single Take’, you just need to hold the shutter button on the camera and it’ll click a number of photos and videos all at once. It then recommends the best shot for you in an album using AI. The selfie game on this phone is equally strong as the 32MP selfie shooter ensures bright, crisp, and natural selfies. There’s a ‘Slow-Motion Selfies’ feature that adds a unique movie-like twist to all your selfies!

Speaking of movie-like, the video capabilities on the Galaxy Note10 Lite lets you create hi-motion videos without the motion sickness. Its intelligent camera predicts movement and reduces vibrations in your videos using ‘Super Steady Mode’. The result is super stable and steady videos sans the shakiness.

Powerful Processor

Keeping in mind the needs of a gamer and multitasker, the Galaxy Note10 Lite packs in a powerful Samsung Exynos 9810 Chipset with a 10nm processor and 6GB/8GB RAM to deliver high-speed performance. The combination is great for high multitasking (streaming shows, downloading movies, or switching between different apps, etc.) and playing graphics-heavy games. The gaming capability is further upgraded by the ‘Game Booster’ app that monitors the performance of the game on your device. It optimizes the gaming usage on the phone by adjusting the settings on your device to draw you more into the game and ensures a smooth-sailing experience without any lags, heating issues, or frame drops.

Expandable Storage

To further amp up your gaming performance, the Galaxy Note10 Lite comes with 128GB internal storage capacity that’s expandable up to 1TB. This is great since a lot of other smartphones out there in this segment do not offer the option of expandable storage. The Galaxy Note10 Lite ensures there’s enough space for all the heavy-sized graphic-intensive games to run efficiently. So, you can play games without any worry at the highest settings. It also offers plenty of room to store music, photos, presentations, movies, videos, and other content.

Massive Battery

There’s nothing more annoying than a smartphone that keeps draining out of battery. But you don’t have to worry about these battery-related issues with Galaxy Note10 Lite as it comes with a massive 4,500 mAh battery. So, whether you’re working on an important assignment for work or are in the middle of an intense gaming session, you can rest assured that the battery on your phone won’t drain out easily. What’s even better is the 25W Super Fast Charging which takes just an hour to power up your phone! Apart from being super-efficient, the battery is also intelligent and keeps tabs on your daily routine to deliver longer battery life, which is far better than the most other devices at this price segment.

3D Audio Experience

What’s great about the Galaxy Note10 Lite is that it brings forth a complete cinema-like experience with its massive display and Dolby Atmos that creates a 3D audio experience. This makes the experience of watching movies and TV shows all that more enjoyable. Not to forget, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack on the Galaxy Note10 Lite, unlike other smartphones in the segment, which is great since you don’t have to spend money to purchase a USB-C audio adapter. It also comes with in-box earphones that deliver good sound performance.

Samsung Pay

The Galaxy Note10 Lite has a ‘Samsung Pay’ feature which makes the payment process super simple and secure. It is easily accepted across India and works anywhere you can tap or swipe your card. With ‘Samsung Pay’, all your debit and credit cards are on your phone, enabling you to pay directly via your smartphone. It uses MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission) or NFC (Near Field Communication) service to replicate physical card transactions on card terminals.

To use it, swipe up to launch the ‘Samsung Pay’ app, then swipe left or right on the app to select your preferred card for making the payment, authenticate the transaction with your fingerprint/Samsung Pay PIN, and that’s it! You then place your phone next to the card machine and your payment is done. What’s great is that this feature will especially come in handy during the post-COVID-19 era, where social distancing and maintaining hygiene is going to be the ‘new normal’.


Samsung Knox on the Galaxy Note10 Lite protects your private data from malware and malicious attacks with the help of its multi-layered and hardware-backed security platform. You can keep your personal data safe and protected, which is highly important in this day and age where data breaches via apps have become quite common.

There is no argument that the Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is a unique, stylish, and power-packed smartphone that leaves a lasting impression. Given that the device comes packed with an intelligent S Pen, a great Pro-grade Camera, Big Battery, and other nifty features, you must get your hands on the Galaxy Note10 Lite if you want real flagship experience within INR 40,000. You can buy Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite at a price of INR 32,999* with INR 5000 cashback on Citibank credit and debit cards or INR 5000 Upgrade Bonus. You can also avail exciting offers with its purchase including No Cost EMI and YouTube Premium subscription.

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