Scott Derrickson Shares Throwback Video Of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Dr. Strange In A Comic-Book Store

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Sarah Halley Finn’s work as the primary casting director of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty astonishing. She has never missed her mark and I pray that she never does. That said, her job is done after casting the actor. Making it memorable is in the hands of the director, the writer, the costume designer, and of course, the actor himself. Now, Benedict Cumberbatch has been utlised incredibly on-screen. But guess what? He was as incredible off-screen as well.

Everyone who doesn’t have a life and loves to obsess over every single Marvel movie before it releases theatrically, you’ll be aware of the fact that while shooting for Doctor Strange, Benedict casually walked into a comic-book store and posed with a Doctor Strange comic-book.

The owner of the comic-book store had shared a picture with the Master of the Mystic Arts.

And there was CCTV footage of Sorcerer Supreme chatting with mortal folks doing the rounds of the internet.

Now, almost four years later, director Scott Derrickson has shared yet another perspective of the Benedict visiting the New York comic-book store. And it’s still hilarious.

There used to be a time when Marvel movies used to come out at regular intervals and take us on various kinds of joyrides. But the goddamn pandemic, and the people’s reluctance to properly deal with it, has stopped that from happening. So, this is all we have to derive pleasure from. I am sure that the cast and crew of every Marvel movie ever have such fun BTS videos and it will be great if they can share them to help up through these dark times.

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